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Hungry Creature

A Message:


To many of us involved in media and international affairs 
for many years it has been glaringly apparent that

the American public 

 - especially regarding their government’s short sided, zero-sum gain policy
​to control oil resources and politics throughout The Middle East - 

are severely deficient in conceptualising their nation's exhibited egocentrism and policy of US exceptionalism.  

This phenomenon has createda sociocentrism-culture
abhorrently amiss
detecting national bias and propaganda within their own mainstream media.  

The United States, a country with so much wealth, so much power - and so much influence -

I dare say should be leading the world toward environmental sustainability and peace.

However, reality speaks to the exact opposite
and frankly due to the real FAKE NEWS (mainstream)

most people (in and outside the US) are just too stupid ​(defined: “lacking intelligence or common sense”)

to realise much at all about what has actually been going on all around us for the past century.

In this world of rampant political corruption and profitable militarisation,

the alternative mouthpiece of Hungry Creature 

will begin to sway public opinion toward truth of connectivity and consequence.  ​  
The status quo, root causes, underlying assumptions, internal contradictions

and important connections between consumer choices,

environmental degradation, oil consumption

will be laid bare,

exposed to uncensored critical and creative thinking.


Meaningful local commerce, organic farming and energy independence 

 - as well as the necessary “knowledge, concepts and instruments”

to ‘scaffold’ and master such activities -

need to be discussed and introduced NOW.

Our Hungry Creature media programs

will offer such logical, critical

and higher order thinking skills and project ideas.  


Stephan McGuire
Founder, Cernunnos Media & Hungry Creature

University of Massachusetts Graduate Studies
Critical & Creative Thinking in International Relations
Mobile +39 331-99 82 854 (Rome, Italy)