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​We are tired of American ‘myside' bias.  
As the geopolitics are quickly changing
​and environmental degradation continues unabated,
we cannot sit idly by.

As the consequences of our collective actions rest on the shoulders of future generations, 
the Hungry Creature directive is to
​feed future viewers
fresh and dynamic solutions to some of our world's most pressing challenges

Leveraging uncensored creative thinking, 
our international Hungry Creature team will evolve 
a more expansive, fair and multipolar world view.  

Looking beyond “prescriptive” methods, rather than focusing on the de-structive,

we have decided to be pro-ductive and pro-active thinkers. 

Representing responsibility for truth and accuracy in media,
we will take on establishment media.  

Please consider us as your upcoming news channel for 

Thank you.

Hungry Creature