Hungry Creature


​Hungry Creature = expertise in feeding paradigm shifts

​We no longer live in a world where we can assume

that the US is more committed to humanitarianism than other countries

or that Americans are somehow exceptional. 

In a world of poisonous corporate-run media

- manufacturing profoundly - nationalistic and tasteless bias - 

Hungry Creature will address, encourage and construct dialectical alternatives.

We will be teaching ourselves and others to learn to see the layers of contradictions.
We will be challenging the arrogant and fruitless educational system.

We will Challenge the neoliberal and neoconservative institutions
​that rarely intend or extend exchange between different points of view,

cognitive domains, or frames of reference. 

Hungry Creature will LEAD  others to:
… notice HOW one’s point of view might conflict with other’s.
… become AWARE of how others have come to their point of view.
… see WHERE other’s points of view take us and what follows from it.
… ASK questions pointing to alleged reasons or evidence.
… ANALYSE the processes of “belief-formation” (how beliefs are formed and organised).
… INVESTIGATE basic perceptual beliefs, value judgments and ethical beliefs.
… be OPEN to Socratic questioning - leading to root questioning and reflection.
… UNDERSTAND how conservative beliefs relate to confirmation bias.
… REVEAL unconscious beliefs and attitude-behaviours purported in media broadcasts.
… BECOME CONSCIOUS of the inner-languaging forming our own web of beliefs.
… BECOME CONSCIOUS if our own beliefs are based on inference or evaluation. 
… DISCOVER cognitive unconsciouses: presumptions, perceptions, beliefs and judgments. 
… PAY ATTENTION to beliefs that operate in multiple levels of awareness.
… LEARN ABOUT cognitive schemata, cognitive bias, social stereotyping and xenophobia.

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